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Pros & Cons of Short Hair

I have had my new, short hairstyle for… several months now (July or August but I’m too lazy to go and check exactly; my internet is too slow) and this cut has been the first time I have ever had hair higher than my shoulders.



So…. here’s a short little blog about the pros and cons I have discovered about my short hair! (We’ll pretend that this is my second blog for April. It’s the 31st, everybody! 😛 )


It’s easy to wear short hair under a hood in the wintertime! With my long hair I have to ponytail it and try to stuff it all inside, but with short hair… no hassle! 😀 1403680_3802486837301_1927042476_o


Low maintenance! I don’t have to brush my hair, just wet it and comb through it with my hands!


High maintenance! I don’t have to brush my hair, but I have to wet it and blow dry it in order for it not to be either too flat or too “Morning Hair” (which is, by the way, much crazier with short hair then long)


There’s really only one style for my short hair, so it pretty much looks the same from day to day without a lot I can do to make it look particularly interesting

         999821_10151552603119296_403290438_n                           253825_2145357040020_1893256_n

254203_2145236757013_7939342_n                            255112_2145356680011_650554_n


Then again, for somebody who is bad at making decisions, sometimes it’s nice to only have to scrunch up my hair with my hands and walk out the door without having to worry about which way to style it


I can’t do this with it:


Though whether that is an actual pro or a con is debateable


But with short hair, I can look slightly more like Nick Fury! (emphasis on “slightly”)



Whether I’m exercising, playing sports or driving down the road with my windows down, it is SO NICE to not have hair blowing in my face or wisps flying out of my ponytail! (This might be my favorite pro about it.)


Gotta keep your hair out of your face while you’re Dancing to the Rhythm of the Waves! (above) Or when you’re at a real dance class. (below) 11081450_10200541670300853_9045457608073927512_n



I have to get my hair cut FAR more regularly than when I had long hair. I could probably go once or twice a year for a haircut with long hair (since it took me a long time before I started caring) but I have to go every 8-12 weeks with this cut (which is a lot for me)


And on a final Megillish OCD note, my cut helps create balance in my family! My Mom has no hair, so my Dad makes up for it by having a beard. My older brother has really long hair, so now I make up for that by having short hair!

What do YOU like about your hair?


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