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My A-Z Blog (Part 2 of 2)

So here’s my second part of my A-Z descriptions of myself. It goes back and forth from negative to positive, though again, some of them are semi-neutral. You can read Part 1 here. Enjoy!

A-Z (Negative, Positive)

Awkward– I’ve learned how to socialize with people much better than I used to, but as it is for everyone, sometimes I’m just plain awkward. Maybe my mind is taking a slow time to process your question and I end up staring at you… or I get all tongue-tied because I’m nervous and then sound like an idiot… or I’m in an uncomfortable situation and spend my time standing in a corner and shifting my weight… I can’t escape it. I’m just awkward!

One of the few times you see me “organized” dancing; usually I just flail- Dancer

Believes in Balance– I know people who tend to be extreme in their emotions and their beliefs, but I feel like I’m sometimes the opposite. I try to believe the best in people, believe that everyone’s got stuff wrong and stuff right, and like to watch out for going to an incorrect extreme when fighting against part of the culture. Whether or not I’m good at BEING balanced, I sure believe in its importance.

Can’t Keep a Straight Face– Not that my face is always smiling, or always crooked (though my smile IS crooked), but that whenever I’m SUPPOSED to keep a straight face, I sometimes find it difficult. Not necessarily at really serious situations, but if people stare at me to try to make me break, I will almost instantly.

Dancer– NOT professionally. I just like to move. I don’t think I used to do it as much as I do now; but I love moving and dancing and bobbing and making motions and leg-swinging and hand-slapping to music, whether it’s in my head or playing in the room. It’s how I enjoy the music! 🙂

Easily Embarrassed– I can never come up with any stories for “most embarassing moment”, but I feel embarrassed whenever I say something stupid or awkward. Eh, I deal with it. What else can ya do?

Friendly– I’m not always at ease amongst people I don’t know, but I try to always be nice and kind to everyone. I like smiling and laughing, and when I say “Have a great day” I truly mean it.


Movin’ boxes, skirting buckets, helping people… keeping busy!- Hardworking

Guilt-Ridden– I have an overactive guilt complex. It doesn’t mean that I never blame other people for things, but I tend to dwell on things I did or words I said far longer than I should. After repentance and turning away from bad things, it’s still important for me to learn to let things go.

Hardworking– Though often I get too worried about people-pleasing or following rules, I have a strong work ethic and always try to do my best at whatever job I do. I may not be the most talented, but if you tell me what to do, I’ll do my best to do it well.

Indecisive– This is definitely a negative trait of mine. Well, maybe not. Some people tell me that I’m indecisive. But things like that can be misinterpreted. If I’m bad at making decisions, my worst is definitely in front of a menu. Or perhaps it’s whenever the decision affects other people. Oh, I don’t know! Maybe I’m not indecisive at all! Do you think I am?

Jolly and Jostful and Jolly Am I– Ok, this specific line comes from a weird song that was written by my sister, but it’s fairly true for the most part! “Jolly” may not be the most accurate word to describe me, but I’m generally a pretty happy and joyful person.

Kakorrhaphiophobic– The definition for this is “an abnormal fear of failure”. Yeah, I had to look up stuff for this K word, but it is so cool and long and it matches me pretty well (though “abnormal” is a bit strong), so I’m keeping it! 🙂


Everyday life includes games with the family!- Mundane

Listener– This may come from years of listening instead of ever saying anything in high school and beyond, 🙂 but I really try to be a good listener. Whenever I catch myself cutting people off or ignoring others, I always try to reign myself in. I don’t always have helpful or encouraging things to say, but if by listening attentively I can help, then I’ll do it.

Mundane– While I have traveled with a drama company cross country and I have written multiple 50,000 word novels, I generally live a lot in the mundane kind of world: reading and writing, watching TV and movies, doing chores and organizing my room, shopping and cooking and just sitting around and talking. Not necessarily exciting, but familiarly pleasant.

Nostalgic– I’m a sucker for nostalgia. It makes me go “Aww” and feel all gooey inside. Unless it’s depressing nostalgia (like that one Christmas cartoon!). But I will gladly sit down and devote my day to singing along with Mary Rice Hopkins or watching through a season of Lambchop.

Ordinary– Again, not necessarily a bad thing. I DO like myself. I’m just an average person, who’s nice and loves people and has a good sense of humor. I’m not particularly great at anything; I don’t stand out, I don’t have a flashy personality, or a lot of charisma. I’m more of a background/side player. This ordinary girl has got her place, though, so I’m happy with it.

Quick to Snack

Though it wasn’t by choice I ate either donut 1 or 2 this time- Quick to Snack

Peacemaking– I like when people get along. I try to like everybody, and when people have trouble getting along it makes me sad. I’m not a good mediator because I’m not very direct; I’m better at being the listener and the nudger. You know, the “hey they probably just meant this” kind of person.

Quick to Snack– I had trouble with this Q, so I wanted to use “quick” and I was like, “well, I snack a lot, probably more than is necessary, and that’s something I haven’t mentioned, so we’ll go with that”. So there you are.

Respectful– I have great respect for my authorities or bosses, and I try to show that in the way I respond and obey/listen. I think I’m pretty respectful to everybody, but particularly so with authorities.

Self-Pitying– There’s something very self-satisfying about self-pity… on a selfish, pointless level. Playing the victim has it’s emotional perks, but it’s the wrong perspective, it’s defensive and it’s damaging. So I try to catch myself before I get too deep into one, which happens unfortunately frequently.

Takes Pleasure in Little Things– I love the times 12:34 and 11:11. I love sunsets and sunrises. I love seeing a heart-shaped rock on the ground. I like symmetry and palindromes and happy colors and alliteration and accidental rhyming and funny typos and ice cream, and I loved at McDonald’s whenever they ordered the new Diet Dr. Pepper or used sauces with their nuggets. If you find joy in the little things, then doesn’t that make your life just so much better?

Uncertain– I know a lot of these negative words have to do with me being unsure of myself, but I guess that’s one of the biggest issues in my life, at least that I’ve seen crop up a lot in the past few years. Uncertainty is different than having low self-esteem; I think I’m a fun and awesome person, but I usually doubt my decisions.


I wrote out “I forgive you” 490 times for this VBS project- Verbal

Verbal– In case you can’t tell from ALL of these words I’ve used to describe myself (and by that I mean all the descriptions, not just the 26) I am a verbal person. As in, I like to sit and think and try to find the right way to say something; the proper phrase and the closest words. I’m not a good writer, but I am a writer. It helps me sort out my words.

Worrier– I worry a lot. About things I’ve said and done, what I should say and do, situations and people and all kinds of reasonable and unreasonable things.

Xerotic Skinned– I had to look up adjectives that began with an “X”, but xerotic means “dry”, and I have dry skin! I used to have eczema on my hands (though I ended up finding a method that pretty much cured the extremity of it) and I generally have pretty dry skin.

Yielding– By this I mean that I am sometimes not the firmest in my decisions, and that with enough pressure and doubt in my ideas being good ones, that it can lead to me crumbling in whatever I was trying to do. I’m hoping that this is something that’ll change, because it has caused me a lot of trouble in the past, both while being a New Life leader and otherwise.

Zetetic– I was looking up Z words and came across this one! It means “Proceeding by inquiry”. Also “investigating” or “seeking”. And although this word would describe my dad or Bekah more perfectly than me, I’m enough of an analytical question-asker that I’m going to use this one for me! 😀

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