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So my Mom recently reposted an old blog she had done years ago, where she had to list 26 things, one for each letter of the alphabet, that described her. I thought it was a fun idea, so I started writing one out.

Well, since I’m me and I ramble, I wrote out a bunch that were mostly positive traits with like one or two negatives mixed in and several that are in between. Which led me to think “can I think of a positive and a negative trait for each letter of the alphabet?” And as I kept going, I was like “Well, this really gives a fuller description of me!” And since I didn’t want to NOT use some of the positive traits that describe me well, but I didn’t want to be cocky about myself, I decided to do BOTH lists on two separate blogs. I have 26 letters in this one, alternating “Positive” and “Negative”. (Again, some of these are neutral and aren’t really one or the other. You can decide which is which.)

So without further ado, here is half of how I describe myself!!!


A-Z (Positive, Negative)

Adventurous– I don’t mean that I’m a daredevil or that I’m up for anything presented to me, because I’m neither. I’m more of a mild adventurer: always ready to go exploring in the woods, pleased to try new foods, willing to go ask a random stranger a question. I’m a wholesome and mild adventurer.


Isn’t this a pretty picture Elizabeth took of me? 😀 -Cute

Bashful– Not every introvert is shy, but I am a shy one. And while that’s not always a negative trait, it can add to the awkwardness I exude. When I was young it kept me from ever opening my mouth in a group setting, and though I’m better about that now that I’m older, it’s easy to revert back into my closed-mouth self.

Cute– You can take this however you want to, but I’m really not being vain. I just honestly think I’m pretty cute, both physically and personality-wise. I feel like I would really like myself and my quirks if I was my friend.

Dizzy– This really isn’t that common a trait in me, hehe, but sometimes at work I’ll just feel dizzy. And I run, and spin, and dance, so sometimes that makes me dizzy. But the biggest reason is probably because I often stand with one foot on the other, thus causing me to fall over, thus creating dizziness!

Easily Startled– Almost everyone who knows me in person can attest to this, and many will proudly say that they spent many happy hours (ok, maybe minutes) trying to get me to scream or jump or say “Whoa!”. I just hope I was able to satisfactorily entertain everyone through my reactions.

Fearful– Whether it be afraid of being alone in my house, or scared to confront someone, fear is a part of my nature that I’ve always known. As a child I wouldn’t go into any dark room at night without someone being in the upstairs with me. God has helped me and taught me a lot so far, but there is still much I have to conquer as far as overcoming fear in my life.

The game where I try to clap my hands with Bekah, but I still get surprised each time. -Easily Startled

Bekah and I have fun where I try to clap at the same time she does. -Giggler

Giggler– I really like to laugh. A lot. I mean, who doesn’t? And it’s generally pretty easy to make me laugh. And when I get tired, or when you get me going, I get sooo giggly! Just stay up with me and Elizabeth some night until 2:00 and you’ll get to hear it.

Hesitant to Open Up– This isn’t always a bad thing, but it canbe. Being hesitant to talk can make it more natural for me to listen, which is a plus. My major issue is when I’m the one who hesitates, and then I go into a mental pity-party about how no one cares about me. My thing this year is to try to take the relational initiative when an opportunity arises, and it’s been better so far.

Introverted– I really love people, but I get my energy from being alone. Spending time listening to music and either reading, writing, organizing, praying or exploring the outdoors are some of my favorite ways to enjoy myself and God, and to relax/recharge.

Jealous– This isn’t a strongly visible or permeating trait in me, but it definitely crops up. I wasn’t the jealous girlfriend type. Rather, I’m the person who feels envious of seeing close friendships because I wish I had that kind of closeness with people. Jealous may be a strong word for it, but it’s close.

Kind– What I mean by saying that I’m kind is that I actively enjoy (enjoy actively?) doing things for people. I like to serve, and to give, and if there’s a way to help someone’s day or meet a need that I’m able to supply, I like to do it.

Lazy– Yyyyeah. Procrastinator… lazy… I have a strong work ethic, but golly, sometimes I just have no self-motivation! It’s perfectly comfortable for me to sit around browsing Facebook and watching Netflix for days on end on my laptop. Ok, comfortable until the guilt shows up. Then I’ll snap out of it for a little while.

Merciful– I love mercy! I definitely believe in justice, but redemption and compassion and second chances and going the extra mile are things about Jesus that I love and want so much to emulate. I love Matthew 5 because Jesus talks a lot about that. I don’t know if I have the Spiritual Gift of mercy or not, but it’s a possibility.


Now Jenga! That’s a game I can play! (For the most part.) -Non-Athletic

Non-Athletic– I am really bad at sports. I run away from flying balls and scream when one is thrown at me, whether it be a baseball, basketball, volleyball or ping pong ball. I may try at some sports and not completely fail, such as croquet and bowling, but for the most part, don’t depend on me to do anything cool that requires athletic skills.

Organizer– Note that I didn’t say “organized”. That’s because, while I enjoy the act of organizing things, I am not perpetually in a state of organization. I like to declutter but I can go for a fairly long time before I feel like I have to. I am lazy, as I previously stated.

People Pleaser– (This has alliteration, so it trumps “Procrastination”.) Making people mad or uncomfortable is one of my least favorite things, while giving people joy or having them be pleased with me fills me with happiness. And although caring about what people think gives me empathy, if I place my identity in how others feel about me, or ignore what I know to be right in order to please someone else… well, the man and son carrying their donkey know how that feels, right?

Quiet– Everyone can attest to the fact that I am a quiet person, especially when you first get to know me. I can definitely talk when I’m comfortable, and I get comfortable a whole lot easier than I did, say, in high school. But you’ll still often find me to be quicker to observe than to speak up.

Rambler– My blog speaks for itself. No further explanation required.


Well somebody needed to shake hands with the Hulk! -Silly

Silly– I like dancing, and puns, and silly voices, and lip-syncing with whatever objects are around me, and watching Blues Big Musical, and making up new lyrics to songs. I’m not very over-the-top, but I can be silly, and I get silly AND giggly when I’m really tired.

Tired– This is the fate of every human being from teenager on up. It is inevitable for us to always be tired for the rest of our lives. If I’m having a bad day at work, it’s because I’m tired. If my words are coming out incoherently, I blame it on being tired. If I’m having a hard time paying attention, I’m just too tired. It’s used so often it’s practically a more common default than “fine”!

Unaggressive– Whether it’s in games, driving, or how I treat people, I am never someone you would describe as aggressive. Though I may take part in competition and enjoy doing well, I will rarely fight to win, and would very often rather lose if that means that everyone has fun. (My other options for U were “Upbeat” and “Undigested”. Like either of these better? 😉 )

Violent Hiccuper– I couldn’t think of anything else, so I went with this.:-) I have hiccupped quite consistently everyday for the past 3 years or so. Sometimes it’s quiet and cute, but sometimes it gets loud and bodily jolting. (Only for my body, of course, unless you’re leaning on me.)

Worshipful– I don’t mean this in a self-righteous “oh look at how spiritual I am” kind of way. What I mean is that I really enjoy the typical avenue of worship: singing and music. When I can just get in that state when I’m focused on God and only God… golly, I love it. I really like to get away from people with just my music and open space before me. Some of my best memories of times with God came through worship.

Xerophthalmic– Ooook, I’m stretching here. The definition for this word is “of or pertaining to abnormal dryness of the eyeball characterized by conjunctivitis, caused by a deficiency of tears and attributed to a lack of vitamin A”. And I’m pretty sure I don’t have ALL that, but I have dry eyes that twitch a lot, so I’ma keep it because I only have so many options for words that begin with X!

Zoning Out 2

Do I look irritated or what? -Zoned Out

Young-Looking– So far, I’ve noticed that people tend to think I’m younger than I actually am when they guess my age. I think the haircut helped me look older, but according to objective speculations, I can only suspect that I’m semi young-looking. We’ll see how long it lasts! 🙂

Zones Out– I mean, it’s not like nobody else does this, but I definitely zone out a lot. I usually catch myself, but if you’re ever sitting on the opposite side of the room and you see me staring unblinking at you for several seconds, I’m probably just zoning and about to snap out of it. 🙂

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