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One Page Stories: Supremacy of the Sea

Today I present you with my very first “One Page Story” Blog!

When Hannah lived at home, she helped make up all kinds of fun games for us to play. The reading/writing ones were usually only participated in by Bekah and I. Anyway, Hannah downloaded this “Randomizer” on her computer, where she could enter in all kinds of information, and with the click of a button, pick something at random for us. She filled it with characters, settings and short plot synopses, which she collected from books, movies, or made them up herself (I’m assuming). We would then do “One Page Stories”, where she gave us one thing from each of the categories, and we would have to write a one page story that incorporated the setting, the character and the plot in an important way.

Hannah suggested this as a blog idea, and even supplied me with my synopsis, so here I am writing stories for you. I made sure that the font was big enough on my Microsoft Word that my one page there would be fairly equivalent to a physical piece of paper.

Here’s my first One Page Story.



(The Plot Guidelines)
Underground, a middle-aged London governess battles for supremacy of the sea


Supremacy of the Sea

Sabrina York waved her umbrella wildly at her students. “Come on, poppets, we’ve got a battle to win!” she cried in her most authoritative voice. The 3 children standing around her were Jeremy, Gwendolyn and Marcus Kissinger. They each had a weapon in their hand, ready to fight to the death for their cause. Twelve year old Jeremy tightened his grip on the pitchfork he had nabbed from the barn, nine year old Gwen held firmly to her butter knives from the kitchen, and little Marcus, who was six, had a rope in one hand and a hammer in the other. They stood in a dirty but large sewer underneath their home in Wallaby, Wisconsin.

“We have stayed in our house silently for too long,” continued the British lady of 45. “While teaching you the alphabet and your numbers, I have forgotten to teach you the most valuable of lessons… how to fight for freedom!”

A cheer went up from the children.

“Now, I know where the throne of the Mer King is,” said Sabrina. “And we can get to it from this tunnel. Follow me.”

She opened a door in the sewer wall and they followed it, her lantern lighting the way. Stealthily they crept along, until they heard the melodic sound of Mer Singing.

“Now, mates, it’s time to brandish your weapons,” Sabrina whispered. “When I say go, we charge! Remember our war cry?” The children nodded. “Ok, 1, 2, 3! Chaaarge!”

With a chant of, “We can spell and count to 3, but we want supremacy of the sea! We’ve learned our science and history, but we want supremacy of the sea!” they ran into the fray, and the battle was begun.


Feel free to write your own story and post it in the comments! How would you have the battle go? Would you pick a different underground? What are the secrets of this middle-aged governess? Can you write a sequel or prequel to this one?

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