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Meet the Family: Hannah the Oldest, Blogging and Brilliant

So I know I’ve been a bit lax with my blogging (or lack thereof). But a few days ago I was inspired with another series idea. And now that it’s the weekend and I actually have time, I’ma post my first one.

I’m gonna spotlight, over time, each of my family members and write a blog about them individually. I love my family, as they are my best friends and have been for years. They’re the only people in the world so far who truly know me and get me, through and through, and so each of them deserves a blog post.

Today I’m going to start with Hannah.


 Hannah the Oldest, Blogging and Brilliant

Hannah is gonna be 28 in October, and she’s my oldest sibling. She has been a part of my life ever since I was born (duh), and in the course of that life she has been:

1. The creator of all kinds of nonsensical games for us siblings to play

2. My polite “slave driver” (even though I am not one) who also tells me lies
without thinking I would believe them so earnestly

3. My intimidating yet brilliant older sibling who is fascinating to get
into conversations with or watch debate

4. A close friend (who I wish was closer physically) who I can trust
with my life, my secrets, my emotions and myself

My older sister is a fantastic human being. She is creative, intelligent, hilarious, and someone I’ve looked up to for a very long time. Me and Hannah4

Though our early teen years might have included the usual “older sister wields her power over her younger sister” drama and the year of fighting when I was 13 (she fought with each of us when we were 13), I have always been in awe of her determined opinions and her creativity. For years, she helped entertain us by coming up with all kinds of crazy games for us to do. She helped direct and write numerous plays for us to perform. She initiated the several year long fun of “Doing Movies” where we turn down the volume and speak nonsense for the characters. (Golly, that stuff was ridiculous.) She is always up for a half an hour of reading “Top Bottom” in a book, and will gladly supply me and Bekah with a character, plot and setting to write an entertaining one page story. She introduced us to NaNoWriMo, and encourages us in our creative endeavors. From the nonsense of our “Baby Wayney” titles and her fantastic speed stories (“I’m an archaeologist! I don’t know anything!”), she has been the forerunner of many of our family’s quirky ways of entertaining ourselves.

188538_1003877113807_3630030_n Hannah’s creativity has continued into her adult life. She is a great  writer, and writes a blog which is far more interesting and consistent  than mine. In it, she writes often about depression, introversion and  movies, all with honesty and openness. (UnpublishedforaReason.)  She has been doing a movie challenge this year where she watches  5 movies a week that somebody ELSE recommended to her.  Because she is just that cool.

 My oldest sister loves theater, writing, music, books, TV shows,  movies, meaningful dialogue, fresh perspectives, introversion blogs,  playing games, respectful debates, unrequited love songs, self-  sacrifice stories, and travel. She has always been to me a model of  someone who sticks to her beliefs, no matter what anybody else  thinks or how much they disapprove. I know she has her own story, and that she may not always feel as if she’s as fearlessly her own person as I’ve always viewed her. But I see her as a brave defender of who she is, and a defender of those who feel like they’re being pushed away from who they are. She roots for the underdog. 🙂 Me and Hannah3

Hannah is very passionate about the things she believes, but she has a humility and a willingness to hear other perspectives and adjust her thinking as she mulls and talks things over. She knows how to speak with graciousness, and even when she believes strongly, she never forces her opinions on others. I’ve seen her get into Facebook debates where she phrases her response civilly and kindly, even if inside she’s probably ranting and raving. She also doesn’t look for arguments, but values meaningful conversations and will back out if she feels it’s unprofitable. She has always been one of my top examples of somebody who is both reasonable and intelligent.

Hannah went off to New Life, and then to college, and then she decided to go and get married and move away. She married a fantastic man who is just right for her, and I am so happy for them. But as our relationship has grown from squabbling teenage silliness to a genuine adult friendship, I am missing her more and more, and so grateful for every chance I get to talk with her.

Meandhannah5 I’ve gone through some crazy experiences in the past several  years. I followed in her footsteps and joined New Life for two  years, I recently went through a serious relationship that  ended, and am now in the workfield and am embarking on a  journey towards independance. Through all my emotional ups  and downs, through each experience, whether good or bad,  she has been there for me over and over if ever I needed it.  AND she knows how to give me space when I need that, too!

 I know I can talk to her anytime I need to, whether it’s to share  a funny story or open up about some deep personal issues. I  am finding her to be a very good listener. When I talk to her, I  don’t feel judged or blamed. Hanna is kind and understanding  (even though I just spelled her name wrong), and yet she is always honest and straightforward. Many a time has she leveled with me about her thoughts, but always coming from a heart of love and treating me with a tenderness with which she views me.

I wish I could write a blog as well as she does or more so, so that I could better explain how awesome she is and why I love and value her so much. But alas, my skills fall short. My sister is fantastic, and I love her to and miss her to death. Thank you, Hannah, for being an amazing sister and a wonderful friend.


1. We’re both introverted at heart, gaining our energy from our alone time
2. We’ve both always loved reading, writing, and putting lots of names into our stories
3. We are both big believers in a balanced view and understanding where people are coming from
4. We are the only two to have lived away from our family

1. Her introversion is a lot more definitive for her than it is for me; read her blog and see how much! 🙂
2. I enjoy some typical domestic things (like cooking and cleaning) while Hannah would be perfectly content living in a body that never had to eat in a house that was always comfortably cluttered
3. It is extremely hard for me to say no to anybody, while Hannah has a much better grasp on being firm and making decisions
4. I want a bajillion kids, and Hannah doesn’t want any

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