Cheerful "BAM"blings

Of What's-Her-Face


Yes, I have finally entered the blogging world! 😀 I figured it was about time since both my parents and 2 of my sisters have blogs, and I like to write, so why not join the throng? So here I am!


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Isn’t he a cute little blogger?

The name of my blog is something I thought up about a week ago, with the insightful help (or helpful insight) of some of my Facebook friends. (I really don’t have any friends who AREN’T Facebook friends, but I merely said that to clarify that the conversation happened on Facebook.)

For any of you who did not follow that conversation, here is the breakdown of my blog name:


1. I’m generally a pretty cheerful person (However, as a warning, this is not a promise to only talk about happy things; I have a melancholy side, and sometimes I’ll do some musings and ponderings and rantings, and it may not always be cheerful; but for the most part, it should be naturally so.)

2. I ramble a lot, hence the “Ramblings” part (In case you haven’t noticed. Having it in the  title is my way of publicly apologizing for how in-concise I am, as well as just a disclaimer  so that you guys can’t say you weren’t warned and you thus have to deal with it; or just not      read my blog. But I hope it’s not that bad. I should stop now.)

3. My initials, and nickname, is BAM, hence the “BAM” part of “BAM”blings (obviously)

4. And “What’s-Her-Face” is really just something I say a lot, and I always think it’s kind of a mixture of funny and cute, and I think it kinda fits me, so that’s why I put it there. (It’s also a way for me to put some extra self-deprecating humor into my blog title, as my other sisters have a bit of that in theirs. [“Unpublished for a Reason” and “Polished Bologna”.] Does the constant typing in parentheses and parentheses-parentheses bother people? It kinda makes me feel claustrophobic, but I feel like sometimes it’s necessary. Whatever. I’m BAMbling again.)


SO! That’s my introduction. I’ll really try to edit everything I write as much as I can and make my blogs as concise as possible. Just realize that that doesn’t mean very much. (ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD! See my cheerfulness coming out?)

ANYWAY. I’ll end this silliness by saying, welcome to my blog! And… I welcome myself to the blog world! (Can I do that?)


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