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“Chris Rice All Day Long” Playlist

Who’s ready for another Chris Rice blog? I haven’t blogged in a while and wanted to do one, so this is a previously prepped blog for your enjoyment. If you don’t like Chris Rice as much as I do, well, it’s probably because you haven’t had enough exposure to his songs! So I’m going to help you by providing you with a playlist of how Chris Rice’s songs can get you through your whole day! Let’s get started.


Waking Up
Time to wake up! One always needs a good, energetic tune to get one moving in the morning, so play all three of these songs or pick just one:

-If you wake up “Smellin’ Coffee” after a long night’s sleep, then you should be ready to kiss yesterday goodbye and embrace the fresh morning with a cup of java in your hands and the birds singing out the window.

-If you’re an artistic person, sing an ode to your creative side by listening to “So Much for My Sad Song” and let that inspire you to write something happy!

-As your alarm starts ringing and you rush to beat the clock, let “Tick Tock” set the mood of your day by reminding you to live life to the fullest.


Although this song may not have a lot to do with eating, this pleasant tune IS called “Breakfast Table”, so hum along while you make yourself some toast and imagine what it’ll be like when you can reunite with passed loved ones in Heaven.


Driving to Work
Now it’s time to head off to work, or to school, depending on your vocation. So you turn on your music to Chris Rice singing “On the Other Side of the Radio”! Do you feel that connection? “Maybe this’ll bring us together somehow”? You’re bonding already and your day is just getting started!


Life Goes Downhill A Little
Alright, so maybe you drop a box of glass items when you’re trying to stock the shelves, accidentally delete your work report that you wrote yesterday, or trip over a puddle of spilled chocolate milk in the cafeteria. It’s ok! Just remember that no matter how “Clumsy” you get, God is always loving you and wants to be near you.


You See Your Crush
Suddenly, you spot that person that you like, the one who makes your heart pitter-pat a little bit faster! Do you talk to them? Do you play it cool? Whatever you do, don’t panic! Just take a deep breath and listen to “Here Comes Those Eyes” for some sympathy and understanding.


Going to Lunch
Time for lunch! How did your day go?

-If you’re feeling embarrassed about your clumsiness and your crush encounter, cheer up with the song “Everything’s Ok” as you go out to lunch with a friend, spend some catch-up time with God or connect with a favorite character in a book you’re reading!

-If your encounter went well and you’re walking on air, drink a glass to the song “Lemonade” as you dwell on all the good things in your life. I’m a sucker for happy endings!


Ah, good old social media. It can be both a wonderful way to connect with people, as well as a way to get irritated very easily.

-If you feel like all that you’re seeing is ranting and raving from people who seem set in their ways … it’s time to play “You Don’t Have to Yell”, and make sure YOU’RE taking the time to listen and being wise with what you post.

-If your feed is full of good memories and Buzzfed quizzes about the 80’s, reminding you of simpler times, you can listen to “8th Grade” to remember that you made it through life so far.

-Sick of everybody being on their phones all the time? Listen to “Kids Again” and then run outside to play in your backyard instead!


Nap Time
You finally get a break from your day and have a chance to relax and get a quick power nap! Fall asleep to the pleasant song “Deep Enough to Dream” as you let pictures of Heaven drift you into slumberland. And make sure you listen to “Questions for Heaven” when you wake up, to remind you to store up all the questions for God that you gather throughout your day!


Out and About on the Town
-With Heaven on your mind, you head out to do your end-of-day errands and reflect on the importance of sharing and caring about others. Rock out to the inspirational driving song “Me and Becky” as you go!

-As you pull into the grocery store, you see a homeless person standing with a sign on the sidewalk. Click to play “Face of Christ” as an encouragement to be more giving and less judging as you hand them a gift card or just smile and say “hello”.

-Continue this awareness of other people as you finish your errands; notice the joys and the sorrows of life, listen to “The Final Move”, and remember that love always wins.


Getting a Drink
Don’t forget to stay hydrated… so when you get “Thirsty”, slow down and sip your favorite beverage and listen to this melancholy tune about the journey to find true spiritual water.


Main Event of the Day
Whether you are heading out to a movie at the end of a long work day, or it’s the weekend and you’re ready to party, there are several song choices according to your taste!

-If you’re heading out to watch the newest Marvel movie, listen to “I Need A Hero” to remind yourself of our need for a Savior.

-Going to see a magician or a carnival? “Magic Wand” is the song for you as you ponder the wonders of magic (or lack thereof) in this world!

-Par-tay!!! While Chris Rice’s music isn’t exactly, well, hip-hop, you can listen to the cheerful and charming “Circle Up” and dance to it!

-Maybe you’re spending the day out on the lake or the ocean with a family member! Reconnect with your relations and have some spiritual discussions as you sway on the water to “Sailing With Russell”.

-If you plan on just staying inside and watching TV, you can appreciate this tribute to fictional characters as you listen to “Cartoons”.


Worried About a Friend
We all have people in our lives that we know are going through something tough… maybe they’ve been in your mind or you got a chance to talk to them today. Listen to “Spare an Angel” and spend a few minutes praying for them, or let the energetic “Love Like Crazy” inspire you to take the initiative and make their life a little bit better.


Heading Home
As you head home for the night, watching the sunset and thinking of your day, it’s time to enjoy some easygoing tunes. Admire the world around you as you listen to “Hallelujahs”, or contemplate which of these songs you enjoyed the most as you imagine when “The Best Song Ever” will be written.


Bedtime Story
Whether you like to read before going to sleep or have a child who wants a bedtime story, “Tell Me the Story Again” is a great listen while you pick just the right book.


Lights Out!
Maybe this is a command from you to your children, maybe you’re experiencing a power outage, or perhaps you just want some low lighted candles to enjoy the quiet of the evening. “Carry Your Candle” around the house while you listen to this song!


Good Night!
It’s the end of a long day! How do you feel like ending it?

-Keep your window open and listen to “I See the Moon” so you can fall asleep to the glowing stars overhead and the people you love on your mind

-Perhaps you have insomnia troubles and tend to stay awake with questions for a long time; go ahead and give your concerns to God as you remember that He is “Big Enough”.

-Spend some time in prayer as you listen to the melancholy “Missin’ You” before falling asleep.


Morning AND Evening Songs
If you like having a song that’s great for both beginning and closing your day, one of these might just do the trick:

-“And Your Praise Goes On” is a sweet and gentle song that sings about how all of creation, from morning to work to death, is all about bringing glory to God.

-You can wake up to the first verse of “Sleepyhead Sun” for a good lazy Saturday, and then end it by listening to the last verse as the sun sets.

-If you’re looking for a reminder of the importance of a simple 24 hours, let this sweet song get stuck in your head and prove that “Life Means So Much”.