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My Five Brad Pitt Movies of March


Elizabeth actually got a picture with him last year! (Well, with his wax figure self.)

Well, I watched 10 new romances in February, so I’m continuing the movie-watching pattern! With the help of my family, I’ll be choosing a different category each month (by genre, by actor/director, year, etc.) and watching 5 movies in that category that I haven’t seen. Most of the movies are recommended by my sisters Elizabeth and Hannah, and this month was Elizabeth’s doing, as she loves Brad Pitt. I had already seen Ocean’s Eleven and Mr. and Mrs Smith, his best in her opinion, and so these were her next choices. Enjoy!

I was told that this movie was silly… and it was definitely odd. It was one of those things where I could never predict what was gonna happen so it just kept doing things I didn’t expect. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. At first it was fun and felt like it was making fun of itself, but then it got all serious, which threw me off. I giggled everytime Brad Pitt did his Jamaican accent. Anyway, I guess it was sweet, but it was definitely a weird movie, and way too long. But it was a nice try.

(*SPOILERS* Also… did they EVER give a reason why Anthony was gonna die? I mean, he just believed him and walked off into the distance! Did he keel over out there? Did death just decide they didn’t want him to live anymore and manipulated him into following him? Were they just trying to be mystically “your time has come” without any physiological reason for his body to give out? I don’t get it! *SPOILERS*)

I’m never particularly interested in sports movies, but I don’t hate them either, they just tend to blur together (stand-outs being Remember the Titans and The Blind Side). However, this was a good one. The plot of them trying to switch up the structure and strategy of the team was more interesting than just “c’mon guys, we gotta train and be inspirational!”. (Though I might’ve enjoyed it even more if I had ANY idea how the structure of baseball worked.)

I really enjoyed the friendship between Brad and Jonah. It was sweet and fun to watch, and we all cheered when he first hired him. (Also, Chris Pratt! :-D) I also kind of liked that they didn’t have a triumphant final win, just because all the movies do. (Though that makes me sound like a terrible person.) Anyway, I enjoyed the watch and though I may not remember it a whole lot, it was a good movie.

I was quite intrigued by this movie. The first half of the movie had me cracking up, with the support groups and his deals with Marla. Then I was just along for the ride with Ed and Brad, trying to figure out where this was heading but compelled all the way. I guessed the twist at one point (when Ed said something about “we” and Marla said “who’s we?”) but then wrote it off as silly because, of course, people SAW them fighting! But then, it turns out I was right and he was just completely insane! So that was fun.

I’m not quite sure if I bought the ending, at least not right away. Why didn’t Ed die and why did she go back to him so quickly just because he said he beat himself up? But I talked it over with people and I’m pretty sure the gun was fake, and I’m guessing that if I hadn’t watched an edited version (which took out a lot of Marla’s plotline) that her choice would make more sense. All in all, a fascinating movie that was entertaining to watch with a fairly satisfying ending! *END SPOILERS*

Now THIS, on the other hand, was frustrating to watch because I always felt like I was about to figure out what was going on but it never quite got there for me. I was mentally trying to rush to the end just because I thought maybe with the whole picture I could understand it, but I still didn’t. (*SPOILERS*) Why was his child self there at the airport? Why did the scientists send him back in the first place if they were the ones responsible for the virus? Why didn’t the police run after the guy that they were claiming had a deadly virus? *END (SPOILERS*)

It was mostly Bruce Willis, but Brad Pitt was entertaining to watch in his manic state of insanity. It kept my interest but I would have LIKED it a lot more if there was some sense of satisfaction in comprehending the point of the movie. Oh well.

I get Redford and Pitt mixed up sometimes because they often play similar characters, and they have similar faces, (though Pitt’s voice is lispier and higher than Redford’s) so it was fun to see them both in the same movie. I think I was generally more interested in the “present day” storyline than the back-story (sorry Brad, since you were mostly IN the back-story) but I did like it the whole way through. I thought it was interesting and well-done, and I thought they both did a good job. I liked watching the two of them together. I might’ve felt the ending for Redford was a little too ambiguous for my taste, but all in all I thoroughly enjoyed this one.


1. Fight Club (Most fascinating)

2. Spy Game (Solid and entertaining)

3. Moneyball (Forgettable but good story and characters)

4. Meet Joe Black (Strange, discombobulated, long but made me giggle)

5. Twelve Monkeys (Frustrating to watch, unsatisfying ending, really wanted to get it but didn’t, unpleasant visually)

Join me next month as I discuss my 5 Woody Allen movies I’ll be watching in April! 😀