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Throwback Through Writing, I Guess

Well, I had a different blog idea for today, but my creative juices haven’t really been flowing much lately. So instead I’ll post some stuff I’ve already written. Long… long… ago.

I’ve been writing stories and poems and plays on the computer ever since I first learned how to type. So I have stuff from since I was probably around 11 on up. (I can’t really remember when I first started typing, but that’s my guess.) So, for your enjoyment, here are a few of my clearly brilliant creations.

~                                   ~                                   ~                                   ~                                ~

I wish I had the age I was when I wrote each one of these, but unfortunately when I opened the documents up on my computer it changed the date of creation. I’m guessing I was somewhere about 14 or so when I wrote this story; maybe younger. Anyway, I don’t remember this story. And the first half is nothing but names and ages, which I did a LOT in my stories. Like a LOT.


Once there was a teeny, tiny, little girl named Debone. She had three brothers, and five sisters. And she had two dogs, three cats, a fish, a kangaroo, and two birds. The kids in her family were in this order: Dalo, fifteen, Scythe, thirteen, Ally and Abby, twelve, Debone, ten, Asher, eight, Kina, six, Limanda, three, and Colza, one and a half. Her dogs were: Lochs, (female) and Doth, (male). Her cats were: Bong, (male) Ivy, (female) and Cesta (male). Her other pets were: Yom, (female fish) Aye (female kangaroo) Hint, (male bird) and La (male bird).

Debone loved animals. That’s why she had nine. And she had two best friends, named Atina, and Anita. They were both ten.

One day, Debone, who had just come home from school, saw Atina and Anita playing with Doth. Doth had a large package in his mouth.

“What in the world is that, Anita?” asked Debone. “Where did it come from? How did it get to my house?”

Anita, who was not Atina’s relative, said, “It was on your porch this morning. Doth picked it up, and tore it into pieces.”

Debone looked puzzled. “Than how come it is still together in her mouth?”

“Because I just made up the part about her tearing it into pieces.” said Anita. “That was the first thing that popped into my head.” That was what Anita was like. Constantly exaggerating.

Atina said, “It’s for you, Debone.” Atina picked it up, and handed it to Debone.

The large package, which was wrapped in orange and pink striped paper, was addressed to, “Debone Think.” (Which was her last name.) It had no signature, or anything indicating who it was from.

“I wonder who would send me a large package wrapped in orange and pink striped paper in the middle of July when Christmas is months away and my birthday was months ago without even saying who it’s from?” Said Debone. “I haven’t been exceptionally good, and I haven’t entered and contests or anything.”

Debone quickly tore off the paper, and found a cup. That was all! A cup! But wait! There was a letter. Debone opened the envelope and read it out loud to Anita and Atina.

“It says,” began Debone, “ ‘Dear Debone, I have a bunch of cups, and I recently got a large package of cups from my Grandma. I can’t fit them in my cupboard. So, I took six cups that I don’t really need, picked six random names from the phone book, and sent the cups to those addresses. I hope you like your cup! If you don’t have enough room for this cup, send it back to me, and I’ll send it to somebody else. Good bye! Love, the person who sent you this cup.”


That’s it. Most of my stories started from a premise I thought was cool and then ended a few pages in. I’m pretty sure that I would’ve wanted to be the cup person when I was younger. I thought that arbitrary communication with strangers was a really cool idea for some reason.

~                                  ~                                     ~                              ~                                ~

Alright, I also did a fair amount of poetry. These poems are from whenever we were learning about and writing poetry in elementary school. So here is a haiku, a cinquain, a diamente and a limerick for you. 🙂 Apparently I never wrote a sonnet.


The sun is real hot
Be carful, Astronaut, don’t
go to close…look out!

Beautiful, Gray,
Swimming, Leaping, Diving,
My favorite animal,

Sweet, Nice
Giggling, Gossiping, Singing
Makeup, Clean, Dirty, Video game
Playing, Yelling, Teasing,
Rough, Stubborn

There once was a lady named Laura,
Who thought her whole life was a bore-a!
She than bought a bear,
Who swallowed her hair,
And now her life’s worse than before-a!

I also did a lot of describing nature poems, and occasionally I used poetry as an outlet to write about serious stuff. Maybe sometime I’ll post some of those. But today it’s just fluff. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed!